Our Story

Why we started it?

Paper Fortune Media was founded as a byproduct of 15 years of digital marketing and advertising experience not only within advertising agencies but also from client side. After years of agency work, we developed and launched an apparel brand utilizing the skills we’ve learned over the years to create a brand that was not only sustainable, but scalable. By year 2 we had scaled the e-commerce store to 50,000 a month in revenue consistently. Within 4 years we turned a t-shirt company into a million dollar company. This was just the beginning.


 After returning to agency work for a few years, we realized the issue we always had when hiring an agency wasn’t the talent on our account but the agency itself. Agencies fall into this almost robotic waltz. There’s the initial client call that usually goes great. After that there’s some sort of plan that never quite hits the mark and bi weekly reporting (but numbers mean nothing if you’re losing money.). We decided we could do it better. Hell, we had to. Better reporting, better tracking, better results. And most of all, better understanding. 


    See, we learned that metrics and numbers are all great, but they can be confusing(CTR, CVR don’t get me started) if you don’t know what they mean, you’re just being talked at with no real conversation with a plan of action to utilize these numbers. The second thing that caused confusion were these reports full of performance metrics. It was like giving a customer a map in another language and saying, “There ya go, good luck” and sending customers on their way into the depths of e-com mumbo jumbo.  


      Alas, we decided enough was enough and created what you see today. We offer our clients not only performance metrics and numbers, but actionable items that help you grow and scale your business. We are also not afraid of accountability which seems to be missing from the entire industry. We’ll tell you when something isn’t working and we’ll make the changes to correct it. Advertising can be scary but with us we are there every step of the way to make sure your brand is on the right track.